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It is our pleasure that the Khalafoon Trading, Contracting and Oil & Gas Services Est. Is pleased to offer you our best regards and wish you continued progress and prosperity in your business. We also have the honor to inform you of the following:
About Khalfoon?

As a result of long experience extends to tho year 1990 in conjunction with the extensive experience gained from our dealing with the operators of concessions in Hadramout platue, as supplier of water Haulage to camps and security guards & dump trucks, water tand truck, light vehicles for the following seismic companies ;

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Our Service

Covered by all aspects related to the following:
Security guards
Ariaf Charity
Oil and gas fields services

Why choose us

We care about all the equipment you need
Effective partnerships

Effective partnerships, full support of active partnerships

long experience

The management has long experience and extensive knowledge.

Qualified team

We have a qualified team that is effective and focused on achieving our goals.

Our plans are well thought out

Our plans are well thought out and accurate.

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هذا نص تجريبي لاختبار شكل و حجم النصوص و طريقة عرضها في هذا المكان و حجم و لون الخط حيث يتم التحكم في هذا النص وامكانية تغييرة في اي وقت عن طريق ادارة الموقع .

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